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Pa. woman accused of setting ex’s car on fire using ‘spell book,’ pointing loaded shotgun at him

CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (TCD) — A 47-year-old woman was taken into custody after she allegedly threatened her ex with a loaded shotgun and used a “spell book” to light his car on fire.

Court documents show Kristy Malzi was charged with reckless burning or exploding, two counts of terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, and simple assault. She was booked into the Cambria County Jail and is being held on $25,000 bail.

According to court documents cited by WTAJ-TV, on July 30, Malzi allegedly went to BK’s Klassics, a used car dealership in Stonycreek Township, to confront her ex-boyfriend at work. When she got into his office, Malzi reportedly said she was going to kill him and her mother, then picked up a loaded shotgun from his office and pointed it at his head. She reportedly hit him with it several times, but he grabbed the barrel.

The ex reportedly pushed Malzi back and called an employee for help, who then removed her from the building.

Outside the dealership, Malzi allegedly set a 2012 Ford Focus ablaze using the “Wicca Book of Spells” and putting burning pieces of paper inside the car. The employee reportedly saw the fire and helped put it out using a fire extinguisher. The ex allegedly found pages from the spell book in the engine of a car he was working on.

WJAC-TV reports investigators found other pages of the spell book on the ground in the parking lot, and witnesses allegedly believe she was practicing witchcraft.


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