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Man who allegedly had sexual relationship with his sister accused of beating her to death

EL PASO, Texas (TCD) — A 32-year-old man who was allegedly having an intimate relationship with his sister is accused of killing her after finding out she had sex with another man.

According to KFOX-TV, Jose Manuel Guzman reportedly turned himself in to authorities and told them he “lost control” when his sister Karla Mariela Marroquin Chavez de Ortiz revealed she slept with someone else. He reportedly beat her with a baseball bat and electric massager.

KVIA-TV reports Guzman and Chavez de Ortiz recently reunited, moved in together, and began having an affair. He allegedly killed her on Feb. 2 Their mother reportedly called law enforcement officials around that time to conduct a welfare check on Chavez de Ortiz. The mother reportedly said Guzman had an unidentified problem with Chavez de Ortiz and was worried he might have killed her.

KFOX, which cites court documents, says Guzman and Chavez de Ortiz got into a physical altercation Feb. 1 and he knocked out her tooth. When deputies arrived to conduct the welfare check, they reportedly found a laundry basket outside the door with a baseball bat in it. Guzman was not home when deputies showed up, but turned himself in soon after.

After allegedly killing Chavez de Ortiz, Guzman reportedly cleaned the crime scene with a mop then went to his mother’s house. Court documents say Guzman left the clothing and baseball bat outside the apartment because he knew it would link him to the crime.

KFOX reports Chavez de Ortiz’s death was ruled a homicide. According to El Paso County jail records, Guzman is being held on charges of first-degree murder, criminal mischief, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and assault.


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